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The Scooby Doo gang in The Venture Brothers 

This is one of my favorite moments from The Venture Bros.

          - [adult swim] fan

Look at them go.

          - [adult swim] fan

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666mrpickles666 said: What do I want? A pickle.

imageHere you go.

          - [adult swim] fan

666mrpickles666 said: ;)

imagewhat do you want…

thatyayay said: I love you

I’ve never been loved before, I love you too.

          - [adult swim] fan

The 2014 New York Comic Con Panels

Or click here for a specific convention:

  1. Rick and Morty Panel
  2. Mike Tyson Mysteries Panel
  3. Robot Chicken Panel
  4. Black Dynamite Panel
  5. The Jack and Triumph Show

I don’t know about everyone else but I love watching these! Especially the Venture Bros. and the Robot Chicken ones.

          - [adult swim] fan