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I love this 8-bit shit!

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Life advice.

Gotta love Killer Mike!

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Squad for my Adult Swim ident.

Can you image The Aqua Teens in like “Classic Animated Disney Film Form”. Like if they could get a hookup with disney and do that. Just imagine how bizarre that would be. Like holy shit I can’t get that outta my mind. Sorry that was really random for the gifset.

         - [adult swim] fan

mmnoboot40 said: Hey, I really like your posts, You've got an awesome blog, Whats your handle, want to interview you?

Thank you, I love to hear back from people about the content I’m posting. handle? I’m not sure what you are talking about?

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Wrong Turn 6 (Official Trailer)

Now I realize this is not adult swim related, I just wanted to show a trailer for a movie I am very excited for. Anyone else love this movies?

American Dad Fan Art

Click here for more from Bill Pyle

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Venture Bros Art by Patrick Leger

This is amazing!

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